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Commercial Turfing Contractors

Bawden Managed Landscapes supply and lay high quality lawns using only quality seed turf grown specifically for this purpose.  

As with most things, the secret to a high quality lawn is in the preparation as well as using high quality turf.  Our experienced staff will take time and care in creating the perfect turf bed on which to lay the new turf.  This process will involve all debris and weeds being removed from the area, possibly some light cultivation to enable the area to be leveled.  It may be necessary to import additional loam or soil to achieve consistent levels also.

Preparation for new turf lawn

Once the preparation is complete we will arrange for the delivery of the turf from one of our approved suppliers.  The project shown in these photographs the customer specified Rolawn Medallion Seed Turf.  The bottom photograph shows what an excellent finish was achieved using this particular quality of seed turf.  Bawden Manage Landscapes use turf froma variety of suppliers however, it is always important to take into consideration the client's specification as well as the local ground conditions, climate and of course what the finished grass surface is to be used for.  Bawden often use turf one of the UK's leading turf supplier Q Lawns who supply a wide range of turf types for a number of applications and uses.

The turf is then laid and watered as necessary depending upon the prevailing weather.  It is important that the lawn is kept moist whilst it becomes established.

Two weeks after the turf has been laid Bawden staff will return and check over the new lawn to make sure all is well and attend to any minor adjustments that need to be made.  Depending upon the time of year, we will also undertake the first cut of the new lawn to complete the installation.

Turfing New Lawn

Regular maintenance, other than mowing, is required to keep the lawn in good condition, Bawdens can provide a regular maintenance programme in this respect, alternatively supply fertilisers and dressings for DIY applications.

Bawdens always provide a detailed written quotation free of charge, and with no obligation.

Bawden Managed Landscapes also provide turfing and seeding services to domestic customers, to find out more: Click Here

Finished Lawn with New Turf and Planting

To take your turfing or seeding project forward, discuss solutions, or just get some advice, please telephone 01980 622185, alternatively by email to