Bawden Landscape Contractors give Andover Roundabout a Facelift.

Landscape gardeners, Bawden, have completed a hard and soft landscaping project to refresh a roundabout in Andover for the MoD.  The roundabout had overgrown shrubs and trees on it that were unsightly and difficult to maintain.  A much cleaner low maintenance scheme was required.

The first job for the Bawden team was to clear the roundabout, fell the trees and grind out the old stumps.  All shrubs were also removed along with planting membrane.

The area was then prepared for the new planting, compost and fertiliser being added.  New membrane, Terram 1000, was then laid.  Over the membrane Scottish Pebbles were placed, various sizes were used to provide interest and an undulating profile.

Within the pebbled area large Micanthus sinensis 'Malepartus' were planted such that as they mature clumps will form.  The statuesque grasses have fine arching leaves with a distinctive white strip down the centre.  The flowers are spectacular reddish brown, with silky feathers that rise upwards into the air. 

The whole area was left clean and tidy free from debris and litter resulting from the works, the customer now has a low maintenance landscape feature, for staff and visitors to admire.  

Bawden is based near Andover, full contracting member of the British Association of Landscape Industries ( BALI ).  The Association supports and inspires members, landscape gardeners, promoting their professionalism so that you can make the right choice for your commercial landscape project.

Book an appointment now with Contracts Manager, Steve Viney to discuss your landscaping project, there is no obligation and it is free. Call 01980 622185, extension 203, or mobile 07789 636595.  Alternatively email Steve at steveviney@bawdengroup.com

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