Winter Maintenance


The UK experienced heavy snow in the February of 2015 and more recently, alongside the resulting pressure on salt and grit supplies across the country should serve as a salutary warning that being prepared for these events is better than trying to react once the situation has occurred.

Bawden Managed Landscapes offer:

  Gritting services

   Grit Supplies - Bagged and Bulk

  Grit Bins

  Snow Clearance Tools and Equipment


We supply rock salt or grit in easy-to-manage bags (approx 25kgs), with the option of both brown and white rock salt ; Brown grit is perfect for de-icing roads, pathways and car parks, whilst white salt is more appropriate where a less messy solution is required. 


Brown Rock Salt Pricing:

40 x 25kg bags - £208.33 plus VAT

30 x 25kg bags - £189.58 plus VAT

20 x 25kg bags - £167.69 plus VAT

1 x 900kg bulk bag - £179.86 plus VAT


White Rock Salt Pricing:

40 x 25kg bags - £285.66 plus VAT

30 x 25kg bags - £256.25 plus VAT

20 x 25kg bags - £198.88 plus VAT

1 x 850kg bulk bag - £252.08 plus VAT

Grit Bin Pricing:

200 Litre Stackable Grit Bin - £179.00 plus VAT

In addtion to rock salt and grit bins, we also supply snow shovels and other winter maintenance equipment. If you fancy anything listed, you are welcome to visit our head office located in Amesbury, Wiltshire to collect salt and grit supplies.


Commercial and business property managers must ensure footpaths, car parks and access roads are kept safe to use and clear of snow. Our maintenance team will liaise with you to ensure that weather warnings are monitored and gritting takes place when there is a threat of precipitation or heavy frost. If there is an unpredicted fall of snow, our team will mobilise to ensure footpaths and private access routes are cleared and gritted as soon as possible.  Planned winter maintenance is always the most cost effective option. We have sector experience in providing winter services to:

  Schools and Colleges

  Ministry of Defence

  Business Parks and Factories

  Nursing and Care Homes

  Sheltered Accommodation

  Parish and Town Councils


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