Commercial Turfing


Bawden Managed Landscapes supply and lay high-quality lawns using only quality seed turf grown specifically for this purpose. As with most things, the secret to a high-quality lawn is in the preparation; our experienced staff will take time and care in creating the perfect turf bed on which to lay the new turf.  This process will involve all debris and weeds being removed from the area and possibly some light cultivation to enable the area to be levelled.  It may be necessary to import additional loam or soil to achieve consistent levels also. Whatever is necessary, we will ensure that the most appropriate preparation is undertaken for your individual requirements,


We then arrange for the turf's delivery from one of our approved suppliers.  For the project shown in these photographs, the customer specified Rolawn Medallion Seed Turf, however we use turf from a variety of suppliers. We always take into consideration the client's specification alongside the local ground conditions, climate and of course what the finished grass surface is to be used for.  Bawden often use one of the UK's leading turf suppliers, Q Lawns, who supply a wide range of turf types for a number of applications and uses. The turf is then laid and watered as necessary, depending upon the prevailing weather.  It is important that the lawn is kept moist whilst it becomes established, and Bawden Managed Landscapes will ensure this is the case.